ClipStation Clipboard Writer 2.0 Released

 Jul, 12 - 2009   no comments   Projects

ClipStation is a free lightweight solution for writing to your user’s clipboard from an HTML page. Using a small SWF that is embedded dynamically via JavaScript, you can pass an unlimited number of content clips onto the clipboard.

ClipStation is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and easy to implement. What makes ClipStation different from other clipboard SWF solutions is the ability to decode HTML character entities, allowing you to pass complex HTML markup to the clipboard from within form elements, divs, pre tags, etc. We developed ClipStation for use on a widget sharing page we’ve implemented for a client. After looking around for a good lightweight cross-browser solution and coming up empty handed, we decided to build our own. We’re now happy to offer it to you at the low, low price of free.

Version 2.0 includes changes to allow access to the clipboard in Flash Player 10. Adobe changed the security requirements for clipboard access in version 10 of the player; now a user action is required before a SWF may access the clipboard. Instead of using a single hidden instance of the ClipStation SWF, we embed an instance for every clip that the user clicks to perform the clipboard copy. A source distribution is available, so you can change the design to fit your needs.

More information and the release package can be found at

»Download ClipStation 2.0

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