SEO Presentation for NCSU Web Developer Group

 Apr, 22 - 2009   3 comments   How To

Jon and I delivered a presentation about SEO to the NCSU Web Developer Group this afternoon. If you were in attendance, thanks very much for coming to see us, we hope you found it informative. We talked about a lot of useful online resources during the presentation, all of the links are in the slide deck that we’ve posted for your convenience. You can download a PDF of the slides here, or view them on SlideShare

Please feel free to post comments and questions here.

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  • Kramer auto Pingback[…] View Discussions Thanks to Rob Ruchte of ThirdParty Labs and Jon Williams of Shovemedia for taking the time to talk through all the various facets of Search Engine Optimization. It was nice to have some folks come speak at the Web Developers meeting, and we hope to do more presentations in the future. I’ve posted the link to the PowerPoint from today’s presentation. If you have questions for Rob or Job, take advantage of the comments section…they’re more than willing to follow up.… […]

  • Tim Jones says:

    Thanks again for coming Rob and Jon. It was a great presentation filled with a lot of wonderful info. We’d love to have you guys participate when you can on the ning site as well!


  • Rob Ruchte rob says:

    Smashing Magazine posted a good article on progressive enhancement yesterday. We talked about PE several times yesterday, as a strategy to make complex interactive sites search engine friendly and accessible. We primarily work in Flash, so our examples are Flash-based, while the Smashing article is aimed more at AJAX. Definitely worth a look if PE isn’t something you’re already doing.


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