ActionScript API for the Longtail Player (aka JW)

 Feb, 16 - 2009   2 comments   Uncategorized

Took me forever to figure out how to set Longtail Player content via ActionScript.

I tried some other stuff, but I couldn’t get both the preview image and the flv video to work the way it would if you used the HTML-embed set-and-forget method.

//videoView is a reference to the JW Player instance on stage
videoView.config.image = img // path to img as String
videoView.config.file = flv // path to flv as String

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 Comments 2 comments

  • Matt says:

    I’m assuming this is only for v4 of the player, right?

  • jon jon says:

    Probably. It’s an older article, and we haven’t upgraded yet. I’ll try to remember to leave an answer when we do.


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