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Rob noticed today that every time he re-opens his site design doc the save-for-web window forgets that he’s set it to “single slice” and not “all slices.” We fumbled for a solution for a bit before settling on this: an action that copies the current slice to a fresh document and then invokes save-for-web from there.

This works because, as long as there’s no current selection (make sure there’s no current selection), the copy command will copy the content of the currently selected slice. Nice, eh?

Save the downloaded file as /Users/YOURUSER/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Presets/Actions/shovemedia Actions.atn

Open Photoshop, go to the Actions pallete, click the menu in the upper right corner and select Load Actions…

I made this on (a Mac) CS4 — your mileage may vary. Shouldn’t matter though — it’s at least as easy to just record the action yourself.

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