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This wasn’t the first time I struggled to incorporate <img> tag support into a project, but it might be the last. The bugs with this “feature” are so bad, that for all but the simplest of cases (and some of those), it’s rendered completely useless. Today, I worked around another problem with links exhibiting wild layout schizophrenia. This time, it would appear to be a problem with the combination of a:hover styles and <img> tags.

Now, I’ve held back talking trash on the TextField because of all the version 10 metric goodness I’d heard we were getting. Finally the TextField has gotten some much needed attention. Decent support for multiple languages going different directions in the same document. Solid, hard stuff. So surely Adobe fixed all (some of?) those bugs that have been around for, what, 2, 3, maybe even 4 versions (god I’m getting old)? … No.

Can we maybe have html support that doesn’t suck, with stylesheet support that doesn’t suck? Together? At the same time? I’ll give you a pass on font embedding even though that’s been … superbly difficult even longer because I understand the pressure from the foundaries.

In our next episode, I’ll show you how to carve up your htmlText into multiple TextFields so your links stay where you put them (I tried everything else). Because what else are you going to do but hack around it?

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  • Teis says:

    Can’t wait for your TextField workaround!!
    The html capabilities of the TextField really renders  it useless.
    Howcome can issues like this persist for years… and this is not the only one, e.g. right now I am struggeling with the lacking usability of the DataGrid component.

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