Vista’s Mail Suffers From Named Anchor Encoding Problems

 Aug, 11 - 2008   no comments   Things that are broken

One of my partners just informed me that Microsoft’s Windows Mail that currently ships with Vista suffers from the same URI encoding issues that I discussed in a previous post.

“I have just discovered that the MS Mail client on Vista has the same problem as Apple Mail, when it comes to handling urls that include a “hash” component.  The hash-sign gets url encoded before it is sent out to the browser, and so the browser thinks it’s part of the url and sends it on to the server, rather than treating it as a hash.

I sent someone a link to the [***] stuff I did, and it got busted by their mail — When I finally figured out what was happening, I had to pause briefly and confirm that they weren’t using a Mac.

It’s so simple it kills me… and MS and Apple are both supposed have the best minds in the world working on this stuff !?

If you ask me, this is pretty good proof that Vista is heavily based on on OSX (conceptually, that is).  I mean… they’ve even copied the bugs!”

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